10801 SE Holgate Blvd.
Portland, OR 97266


The membership of the Association shall consist of those persons who:
1) Declare they have personally accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and purpose to live the Christian life.
2) Submit application for membership.
3) Are in good standing of an evangelical Christian denomination, unless the Council finds the absence of membership to be justified.
4) Subscribe to the statement of doctrinal belief of the Association printed on the membership application.
5) Conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the doctrinal belief of the Association.
6) Abide by the current bylaws of the Association, even if the bylaws are amended after becoming members.

Membership fees are due by September 30th in order to receive benefits for the full year. The Membership year is effective from November 1 through October 31. Individual membership is effective November 1 or from member approval date, whichever is later.

Members are eligible for discounted rates for use of the MHA campgrounds outside the Annual Camp Meeting.
Members are also eligible to apply for mission trip funding and are eligible to vote in elections in the Annual Business Meeting.

Doctrinal Statement:
"We believe that entire sanctification is that work of grace wrought in the human heart by the Holy Ghost whereby the heart is cleansed and purified from the original nature of sin and filled with perfect love; that this work of grace is wrought instantaneously by faith subsequent to regeneration and is attested by the Holy Ghost; that it is not merely an imputed work but is imparted to the believer; that the heart of the person experiencing this work of grace is thus sanctified, baptized with the Holy Ghost, purified, filled with the Holy Ghost, or filled with perfect love."


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